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As you may expect, we try to answer them all. And if you have any question that is not answered here, we invite you to ask us. We will definitely add any valuable question and the answer to this FAQ page.

Oh yeah! The minimum monthly amount of $5.00 is only ±16 cents per day. Compare that to the money you spend on big search engine ads and dubious SEO services to try to be in the Top-10 results. TIP! If you currently spend money on the 2 major search engine ads or social media ads every month, spend a little less and make sure you get listed on Blizbo!
Of course! And it's definitely a whole lot cheaper than advertising on those channels, social media channels or the major search engines. Just check the clicks on the Blizbo videos pages to see the additional views that can be obtained to boost your positioning there as well. Or, you can of course spend limitless hours per day for years to try and get your channel anywhere on those channels.
How much do you spend on SEO every month? And is it guaranteed? Is it consistent, or did your pages already get dropped to page 10, 20, or even worse of the search results? And, even if you are on the #1 position, there are up to 10 ads of your competitors shown before your listing anyway, and also at the bottom.
Yes! Promoted listings are shown on the top of every result page but as can be expected, they can only be related to an entered keyword on search result pages or a selected tag on tag result pages and if it's a video it is promoted on our video pages.
No! Our promoted listings are not on a pay per click basis, you only pay the monthly promoted fee.
Wow! Contributed listings have a hidden feature that gives you even more visibility. Look for this icon after a listing's title:
Oh yeah! Testimonials have a special purpose on Blizbo. Your testimonial will provide you with a whole lot of extra visiblity.    See for yourself!
Of course! It's a WIN/WIN proposition for everyone. You help Blizbo, and we help you! What can you possibly lose? And if you're not happy -- I can't think of anything why you wouldn't be -- but, you can always cancel at anytime!
By all means! Just let us know how you would like to contribute to, or participate in Blizbo. And ofcourse you can add your contributed listing, and/or you can always tell your friends about us -:)
Heck no! We like the way Blizbo presents results much better! Don't you?

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 Our listings on Blizbo are most definitely worth the effort.

John Radian

44 listings

 Fabulous! I'm so excited to be on Blizbo. It's an extra channel to provide my magazine with the visibility it deserves. 

3 listings

 Just great! I'm getting more visibility than all the big channels combined. Go figure -:) 

Aiki Jutsu Do

Peter Nunes d'Agrella

8 listings