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A free listing is for non profit, educational, government sites, and other non-commercial valuable content (sites). But other valuable content can be added for free as well, so feel free to send us the URL of the page or content you wish to have added to Blizbo!

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Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any inclusion request or submission for any reason without notice.

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starts at just $5.00/month

You can decide the position of your listing in its tag categories and keyword search results by choosing a bid amount. The minimum monthly bid is $5.00 and is billed automatically every month until cancelled. For each listing up to 4 tags are included. The higher the bid, the higher the position in search, tag and featured (if featured listing) results.

Promoted listing

You can also check the Promoted Listing checkbox to get your listing promoted for $20.00 per month. If you do, the promoted fee will be added to the monthly subscription. Promoted listings are shown on the top of every result page and are related to keywords c.q. tags on search, tag and videos result pages.

Featured listing

You can also check the Featured Listing checkbox to make your listing Featured for $10.00 per month. If you do, the featured fee will be added to the monthly subscription. A featured listing includes an image gallery (up to 4 images) which greatly increases interest, and your listing will rotate on most Blizbo listings pages and the search results page as:

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Cancel anytime

You can cancel your listing at anytime, no questions asked, no binding contract. If you wish to change the bid, or cancel the Featured status, you can simply cancel the running subscription and start a new subscription.

  Please read our Content Guidelines

Please note that we will cancel any subscription and refuse the inclusion if the content does not conform to our content guidelines.

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Placing the icon with a link to Blizbo on your listed page(s) gives you several hidden but incredibly powerful benefits.
If you use the Valuable Content icon the added benefits to your content are clear.

Free Listing

If your page or video has been added as a free listing, you must place one of the Blizbo icons with a link to Blizbo on the listed page or your homepage.

Contributed Listing

If you have placed a contributed listing, you may place the Blizbo icon, and if you do, your contributed listing will be made featured for free for 3 months (small icon), or 6 months (big icon).

Place the image you prefer on the listed page of your Web site or on the page where the video or music is located (f.e. on Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or other).

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Please help us to provide the world with a non-obtrusive privacy minded valuable search option for everyone. We believe in privacy and that your search activities should remain private and are not to be shared with advertisers or other entities that want to collect all possible data on all of us for whatever reason. In addition, content that does not meet our guidelines criteria are not listed. Quality over quantity!

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By adding a contributed listing you help us a little every month while helping yourself and everyone else who cherishes their privacy and ensuring that right for future generations.

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