Millions of donkeys killed each year

Millions of donkeys are killed around the world each year to make medicine. In China, a traditional medicinal remedy that is made with the ...

Lambada Original Version 1989

Lambada Original Version 1989 by Kaoma.

European Medicines Agency

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is a decentralised agency of the European Union (EU). It is responsible for the scientific evaluation, ...

Fighting superbugs with tiny machines

Fighting superbugs with tiny machines. The machines bind to the bacteria and, once exposed to light, begin spinning and drilling into them.

EV Charging Stations

Find EV charging stations near you easily. Wherever you are, use this free tool to find EV charging stations close to you.


SvelteKit is built on Svelte, a UI framework that uses a compiler to let you write breathtakingly concise components that do minimal work in ...

Basic Yoga Poses You Really Need To Know

Find your inner balance and grace with these basic yoga poses. Join our seasoned yoga instructor as she explores some beginner poses, and le ...

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love.


How to defend against knife attacks with Aiki Jutsu Do

A few examples how to defend against knife attacks with Aiki Jutsu Do. There are many more techniques, but it shows a good basis to work from. It is ...

PlanMagic Business Plan Software

PlanMagic Business Intelligence Software helps you through the rough times by providing your business with business insights quickly.

Thailand for

A site devoted to bringing you a comprehensive and easy to use guide to traveling to and in Thailand. The site features articles of useful informatio ...

Self defense - how to handle a knife in the back

Self defense - how to handle a knife in the back. It's easy actually, just learn Aiki Jutsu Do. Watch the video, I'm sure you'll learn ...


Simply The Best Web Fonts

A fine collection of simply the best Web fonts and a unique previewer with many options. Check it out!

Pomme Au Gratin

Great tasting way to make potatoes. Thanks to Pla's recipes.

What you need to know about electric cars

What you need to know about Electric Cars and how to get the best deals.

SimplytheBest News Cartoons

Editorial cartoons by various cartoonists submitted to SimplytheBest News.


Desertium (Desert Hymn)

Tropical adventure experience translated into music. Just close your eyes, listen and imagine going thru jungle, desert or swamp. That's Deserti ...