Coronavirus vaccine: What are human challenge trials?

Volunteers are set to be deliberately infected with Covid-19 after the UK Government said it will set up human challenge trials to speed up the devel ...

Google screwed rivals to protect monopoly says Uncle Sam in antitrust lawsuit

t is the first major antitrust action taken against the new wave of tech giants – Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook – and is likely to b ...

Journalist's fiancee sues Saudi crown prince

The fiancee of slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has filed a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia's crown prince, accusing him of ordering the kill ...

Fake naked photos of thousands of women shared online

Faked nude images of more than 100,000 women have been created from social media pictures and shared online, according to a new report.

Facebook said it might stop operating in Europe

Facebook said it may stop operating its core app and Instagram in Europe if it's forced to suspend transfers of European Union data back to the ...

Airbus has revealed three zero-emission plane designs

Take a look at the hydrogen-powered aircraft of the future that could become reality in just 15 years. The planes, which Airbus plans to develop an ...


ESA Multimedia Gallery

The ESA multimedia gallery displays the best visual material of the ESA portal. Images, videos and animations of earth, planets, stars and so forth w ...

Simplythebest Menus Scripts

Selection of JavaScripts to build horizontal or vertical dropdown, popup or sliding menus. All kinds of menus.

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Selection of image display and rotation scripts.

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SoundsPlanet Sounds & Music

A sounds and music site with MP3, WAV, MIDI and other sound formats from new and existing artists.

Close-to-reality Revenues Estimation

For many business types (bar, restaurant, BnB, hotel, resort and many others) as well as non profit organizations, estimating close-to-reality revenu ...

Simplythebest Business Planning Software

The Simplythebest business planning software category with non profit, construction, hotel, resort, bar, coffeebar, beauty salon, car rental and many ...


Search Engine Bot Simulator

SEO Tool to simulate search engine parsing of web pages and display discovered links.