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When the bison came back

After an absence of 200 years, European bison now roam the wilds of Romania’s Southern Carpathians once more. This beautiful short fi ...

Adam Lambert - Mad World

Adam Lambert - Mad World (American Idol Performance).

The Yanomami

The Yanomami are the largest isolated tribe in South America. They live in the rainforests and mountains of northern Brazil and southern Ve ...

Roy Orbison - Crying

Crying by Roy Orbison from Black & White Night 30.

In Dreams by Roy Orbison

In Dreams by Roy Orbison with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Are Chinese electric vehicles taking over the world?

Western car makers, already bruised by the scramble among themselves for a share of the electric vehicle (EV) market, are facing a much more ...

Genocide in Gaza

Genocide in Gaza: Enabled by AI, powered by Big Tech. Artificial intelligence has unleashed terror in the killing fields of Gaza. The algori ...


How to win a street fight every time

Example of a base movement of deflecting, moving out and attacking. All in one motion. How you finish it off, depends on the situation (throw, pin, b ...


Collects the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic. These collections are grouped into individual web page ...

The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page

Philip José Farmer (January 26 1918 - February 25 2009) was an American author known for his science fiction and fantasy novels and short ...

Simplythebest Modal Window Scripts

Nice selection of scripts to create lightboxes, modal windows, popup windows, and more.


The EV Riders

The EV Riders is a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts. We offer EV cars & vans, electric and solar-powered boats, e-bikes, e-motorcycles, and ...

PlanMagic Business Plan Software

PlanMagic Business Intelligence Software helps you through the rough times by providing your business with business insights quickly.

Roasted turkey in the oven

Roasted turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.


Desertium (Desert Hymn)

Tropical adventure experience translated into music. Just close your eyes, listen and imagine going thru jungle, desert or swamp. That's Deserti ...