Mother dolphin comforts her pod before being slaughtered in mass killing

Campaigners have described the mass slaughter of dolphins in Japan as "brutal and heartbreaking" after a mother was pictured comforting her ...

Fatal stabbing of boy that dozens filmed as he bled to death

A fight over a girl involving over 50 teenagers has left a 16-year old student dead after being stabbed in the chest and an 18-year old student charg ...

Aiki Jutsu Do Learning wrist techniques

Aiki Jutsu Do Self Defense - Learning wrist techniques.

Close-to-reality Revenues Estimation

For many business types (bar, restaurant, BnB, hotel, resort and many others)) as well as non profit organizations, estimating close-to-reality reven ...

Reported illness among vapers reaches 150 possible cases

The number of breathing illnesses reported among people who vape is growing. Health officials are now looking into more than 150 possible cases in 16 ...


Quarter of Atlantic sharks and rays face extinction

New figures show 26% of all sharks, rays and related species in the north-east Atlantic are threatened with extinction. Seven per cent are classed as ...

PlanMagic Finance Pro

A financial diagnostic and plan tool that provides vital financial information and key financial indicators of your business whenever you need them. ...

Simplythebest Music Software

A good place to find your music software requirements.

PlanMagic Media Planner

PlanMagic Media Planner is the most advanced small business advertising, promotion and p.r. planner in the world. The program consists of an easy to ...


Shannon Keith About Animals Skinned Alive

Shannon Keith, director of Behind the Mask and Skin Trade, is interviewed by Supreme Master TV about the nasty business of skin trading and the savag ...

What is global warming explained

Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, cloud forests are dying, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace. It has become clear that humans have c ...

Jan Akkerman - Shame on You

One of the best guitar tracks ever. Amazing guitar play from beginning to end. One of the greatest guitarists of all times.


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