The EV Riders Introduction

The EV Riders Introduction Video.

Top Resume Mistakes That Could Cost You the Job

You could have all the skills experience to make you the best candidate for a role, but if you’ve made sloppy mistakes on your resume ...

The EV Riders - EV Tax Credits

If you want to qualify for a tax credit on the EV you're going to purchase, you will really need to go through some (or all) of the ar ...

The EV Riders - EV Articles

All you want to know about electric vehicles, EV leasing and loan options, and more.

My Pootsywootsy

My Pootsywootsy went swimming!


SimplytheBest Marketplace

The SimplytheBest Marketplace is a place where you can buy from many stores, publishers, artists, and more, as well as browse interesting classified ...

SimplytheBest News

SimplytheBest News offers you the headlines in many different categories, regions and subjects. The news headlines are aggregated from sources around ...

Aiki Jutsu Do Videos

Enjoy a selection of Aiki Jutsu Do, Aikido, Aiki-jutsu and Muay Boran videos. Learn Aiki Jutsu Do for the ultimate self defense.

The Biology Project

An online interactive resource for learning biology by the University of Arizona.


OK Arnold come on back

A woman showing her muscles. Oh yeah!

Desertium (Desert Hymn)

Tropical adventure experience translated into music. Just close your eyes, listen and imagine going thru jungle, desert or swamp. That's Deserti ...

Lafazzione Specialty Store

Lafazzione Specialty Store intends to offer only products that are beneficial to you in some way and provide a good quality / price ratio.

Magazine4Teens - Shark finning

Shark finning is a horrid practice where sharks are caught, have their fins cut off, then get discarded back into the ocean still alive or dead.


Start an Online Store on the SimplytheBest Marketplace

Sell on the SimplytheBest Marketplace. As a SimplytheBest Vendor, you can easily add your products and/or services to your SimplytheBest Store, fulfi ...