Hacks vs Products - which one is better?
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Watch this woman paint, it's amazing.
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Enjoy a selection of Aiki Jutsu Do, Aikido, Aiki-jutsu and Muay Boran videos. Learn Aiki Jutsu Do for the ultimate self defense.


The growing appetite for seafood among Chinese consumers, growth rate of 6 percent p/yr between 1990 and 2010, accounts for 34 percent of all fish consumed every year. By 2030 Chinese consumption is expected to grow by another 30 percent.
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Ecuador's navy confirmed a large Chinese fishing fleet of roughly 300 vessels is moving away from the Galapagos Islands and is now operating in international waters off Peru. Blow them out of the water?
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It is getting dangerous in Romania’s vast ancient forests. Six rangers killed and 650 attacked. The Carpathians are now the scene of a desperate battle between what has been dubbed the Timber Mafia and those risking their lives to protect it.
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Volunteers are set to be deliberately infected with Covid-19 after the UK Government said it will set up human challenge trials to speed up the development of a vaccine.
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Millions of people in India's city of Chennai are struggling as taps run dry. Trains and trucks have been bringing water in for residents, but it comes at a cost. Environmentalists are warning this could soon affect many other countries.
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Electric cars are increasingly taking to our roads but people still have reservations. Common worries include the price of the vehicles, where you can charge, charging times and the wider environmental costs of manufacturing them and electricity.
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What does the future hold for the next generation of people who live in the Amazon? We meet the indigenous teenagers trying to preserve their way of life and a ranching family who moved to the Amazon in search of opportunities.
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