• The EV Riders

    The EV Riders is a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts. We offer EV cars & vans, electric and solar-powered boats, e-bikes, e-motorcycles, and transport EVs, all at the best deal we can find for our members.

  • Desertium (Desert Hymn)

    Tropical adventure experience translated into music. Just close your eyes, listen and imagine going thru jungle, desert or swamp. That's Desertium.

  • Affordable professional financial models

    Our financial models help you to visualize your current financial position and predict future financial performance. You should be using the unique PlanMagic financial models at all times. They are made specifically for all of your financial planning.

  • MMMM © 2015 music track by Leilani N. This track and many others are exclusively available on

  • The OFFICIAL Video of Guitarra Azul Plays Oasis from their second CD Oasis featuring Stefano and David Chiriboga on guitars.

  • Expert Business Plan Writers

    So you have a dream? Get it realized wisely! We are not just business plan writers. We are business consultants, copy writers, financial planners, business analysts and business strategists with more than 35 years of experience.

  • How to plan for success

    How do you plan for success? It's not as difficult as you think. But then, why can't everyone do it? Well, maybe you can, with a little help from us!


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Millions of donkeys are killed around the world each year to make medicine. In China, a traditional medicinal remedy that is made with the gelatin in donkey skin is in high demand. It is called Ejiao.
Lambada Original Version 1989 by Kaoma.
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is a decentralised agency of the European Union (EU). It is responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of medicines.
Fighting superbugs with tiny machines. The machines bind to the bacteria and, once exposed to light, begin spinning and drilling into them.
The FAA collaborates with industry and communities to advance drone operations and integrate them into the national airspace. Whether you are flying for fun or work, get the rules, resources, and tools, to help you fly safely.
Find EV charging stations near you easily. Wherever you are, use this free tool to find EV charging stations close to you.
SvelteKit is built on Svelte, a UI framework that uses a compiler to let you write breathtakingly concise components that do minimal work in the browser, using languages you already know — HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Find your inner balance and grace with these basic yoga poses. Join our seasoned yoga instructor as she explores some beginner poses, and learn how to root your core, align your spine, and gracefully extend your limbs. Namaste!
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love.
Prince and The Revolution - Purple Rain