Facebook said it may stop operating its core app and Instagram in Europe if it's forced to suspend transfers of European Union data back to the US.
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Take a look at the hydrogen-powered aircraft of the future that could become reality in just 15 years. The planes, which Airbus plans to develop and enter into commercial service by 2035, would be zero-emission.
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The Leopards Hill Mall is located in Bauleni, Lusaka, Zambia and it has just opened its doors on August 27th 2020.
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Now they put you in a HELP Plan automatically. Great, so how does that work?
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Stealing files from iOS and macOS devices via web application code that utilizes the Web Share API.
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Google wants its Nest Hub to become a fixture in hotel rooms so that guests can enjoy their stay without having to actually touch any of the amenities they are paying for. Hmm...
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Here are 11 things people often forget to check for when looking for a home to buy.
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There are many examples of algorithms making big decisions about our lives, without us necessarily knowing how or when they do it. Here is a look at some of them.
Millions of people in India's city of Chennai are struggling as taps run dry. Trains and trucks have been bringing water in for residents, but it comes at a cost. Environmentalists are warning this could soon affect many other countries.
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Electric cars are increasingly taking to our roads but people still have reservations. Common worries include the price of the vehicles, where you can charge, charging times and the wider environmental costs of manufacturing them and electricity.
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