Place the link to the voter using one of the Blizbo icons (without one, the listing will not be valid!) on the Web page you wish to add to the index.

Place the snippet on any page of your Web site to make it easy for your visitors to vote for that page. Make your Web page content known to the millions of people each month that visit the Blizbo network.

When someone clicks on the icon, the page on which the icon is placed, is automatically added to the Blizbo index. If the page was previously added, the incoming click is counted as a vote which increases popularity of the page which improves its position in the results. Popularity is measured by the number of votes received as well as the number of incoming and outgoing clicks.


Create the HTML snippet to place on your Web site





You can decide the position of your listing in its tag categories and keyword search results by choosing a bid amount.
The minimum monthly bid is $10.00 and is billed automatically every month until cancelled. For each listing up to 3 tags are included. The higher the bid, the higher the position in search and tag results. You can cancel your listing at anytime. If you wish to increase the bid, the best way (alas) is to start a new subscription and cancel the old subscription with the payment provider.