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All PHP news in one place in this list of PHP Weblogs.
 1512    31     Monday, June 6, 2011    # PHP # blogs
A WAMP package including the scripting language PHP, the web server Apache, the SQL server MySQL, as well as easy development tools such as the database manager PhpMyAdmin and the debugger Xdebug. Nothing to configure. It's already done.
 1406    32     Monday, January 24, 2011    # PHP # Apache # MySQL
Let's examine a few examples of how multiple select fields can be implemented in HTML and PHP (as well as some JavaScript).
 1390    21     Saturday, January 28, 2012    # HTML # forms # JavaScript
Client certificates are, as the name indicates, installed on the client - that is the web browser - and transferred to the server when the server requests them and the user agrees to send it. The client certificate itself is sent to the server, ...
 1380    43     Monday, June 6, 2011    # PHP # security # SSL
PHP is a widely used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. If you are new to PHP and want to get some idea of how it works, try the introductory tutorial.
 1374    60     Monday, December 6, 2010    # PHP # programming
The Alternative PHP Cache (APC) is a free and open opcode cache for PHP. Its goal is to provide a free, open and robust framework for caching and optimizing PHP intermediate code.
 1225    41     Friday, October 7, 2011    # PHP # caching
Requests a geo-IP-server to check, returns where an IP is located (host, state, country, town).
 1151    16     Thursday, March 22, 2012    # PHP # snippets # geo-location
This extension implements the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data interchange format. The decoding is handled by a parser.
 1122    44     Tuesday, June 14, 2011    # JSON # JavaScript # manuals
jCart is a free Ajax shopping cart that is easy to install and customize. Based on jQuery and PHP, it handles visitor input without reloading the page and is fully functional even without JavaScript.
 1096    30     Thursday, March 1, 2012    # shopping cart # script # free
This site is dedicated to supporting PHP on Microsoft Windows. It also supports ports of PHP extensions or features as well as providing special builds for the various Windows architectures.
 1042    12     Thursday, January 13, 2011    # PHP # Windows