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The only weekly newspaper with an independent view of the EU. European Voice's mission is to promote informed debate, openness and progress in the EU and the newspaper has become essential reading for the EU regulatory and political affairs...
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Managed by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, the site offers information on energy policies in Europe.
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EPRA represents the publicly traded real estate sector in Europe and strives to establish best practices in accounting, reporting and corporate governance, to provide high-quality information to investors and to create a framework for debate and ...
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News in 7 languages from European TV.
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A source of linguistic data for the indigenous languages of Europe. The characters which are, and in some cases were, used to write each of the languages of Europe (as far as it has been possible to find information on them) are included here.
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Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe. The Stone Pages is the first web guide of this kind of ancient monuments and presents images, descriptions, folklore, ...
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The EAA's role includes the development of the European competition programme and a number of other tasks in the service of its Member Federations.
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