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The PHP language is a major player in server side programming. PHP scripts are used for all server side functions and excel in handling SQL and other database solutions.
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Listings of scripts for databases.
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The guide to great art on the Internet. Search the database of over 8,500 artists, artworks or museums. Browse by artists or art movements or use one of the several tools provided.
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This snippet shows you how to generate RSS Feeds from MySQL database records on the fly.
 3713    65       # RSS # PHP # snippets is a photo resource database dedicated to aviation. We publish a wide range of images of all types of aicraft from airliners and milatary to general aviation or balloons. Features a database that contains > 63669 photos.
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Scientific database contains more than 2,500 journals and more than 9 million full-text articles. Authoritative titles from core scientific literature.
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A collaborative sounds database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, and bleeps released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License.
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An in-depth directory of your favorite cartoon classics and animated films with a searchable database of cartoon information, animated guides, cartoon character and crew lists.
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A WAMP package including the scripting language PHP, the web server Apache, the SQL server MySQL, as well as easy development tools such as the database manager PhpMyAdmin and the debugger Xdebug. Nothing to configure. It's already done.
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A database of 7,875,105 freely usable media files (pictures, graphics, videos) to which anyone can contribute. Making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content to everyone.
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