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Institute to promote and enhance the study of the art of Aiki-Jutsu-Do.
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Organize and explain the best martial arts videos that you can find on Youtube.
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Aiki no jutsu waza - ryote dori by Lawrence Fisher
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AikiWeb's principal purpose is to serve the Internet community as a repository and dissemination point for aikido information.
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The official U.S. organization of the International Federation of Karate (Kyokushin) offers training in Kyokushin Karate as it was originally taught by Sosai Mas Oyama.
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The official Website of The Kodokan Judo Institute, Tokyo, Japan. The Kodokan was founded in 1882 by the late Professor Mr. Jigoro Kano who himself had established Judo. Judo was derived from Ju-Jitsu which had many names and schools.
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