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The Danube is Europe's second longest river after the Volga. The river originates in the Black Forest in Germany and flows southeastward for a distance of some 2850 km (1771 mi), passing through four Central and Eastern European capitals, before ...
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The Nile is a major north-flowing river in North Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world. It is 6,650 km (4,130 mi) long and runs through the Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Egypt.
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A comprehensive list of lists of rivers, organized primarily by continent and country.
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The Yangtze, Yangzi or Ch¨¢ng Ji¨¡ng is the longest river in Asia, and the third-longest in the world. It flows for 6,418 km (3,988 mi) from the glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai eastward across southwest, central and ...
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Our network of more than 20,000 technical experts advancing science-based solutions for a healthy planet and a safer world.
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Comments on global issues that require your attention albeit just to be informed.
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