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    How do you plan for success? It's not as difficult as you think. But then, why can't everyone do it? Well, maybe you can, with a little help from us!

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    Tropical adventure experience translated into music. Just close your eyes, listen and imagine going thru jungle, desert or swamp. That's Desertium.

  • Magazine4Teens

    A magazine by teens just for teens. From beauty, fashion, health, life, media (music, video) to travel.

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A magazine by teens just for teens. From beauty, fashion, health, life, media (music, video) to travel.
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Barcelona has become a top tourist destination over the last decade. It’s a vibrant city with an incredible number of things to do, places to see, buildings to admire, shopping streets and cozy markets to go spend all of your money.
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Paris has been one of Europe’s major centers of finance, diplomacy, commerce, fashion, science, and of course the arts since the 17th century.
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Shark finning is a horrid practice where sharks are caught, have their fins cut off, then get discarded back into the ocean still alive or dead.
Magazine4Teens offers a nice travel category covering several tourist attractions teens must visit.
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10 travel hacks you should know. These hacks may help to make traveling a little bit easier and less stressful for you
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Magazine4Teens - Visit Rome - The city of love.
 180    31       # Rome # travel # tourism
Magazine4Teens - Visit Amsterdam – The city of canals 'The Venice of the North'.
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Magazine4Teens has a nice memes section with memes in several categories.
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We, teens, all love fashion, right? So, here is my tiny contribution on how to improve your wardrobe a little. Every little bit helps? Enjoy reading the seven tips in this article, and hopefully you will try to use on or more of them.
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