Snippets in PHP for various tasks.
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The MapMachine (powered by ESRI) offers road, satellite, physical, street maps, and a selection of theme maps. You can also find an interactive climate change map.
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The best utilities software.
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Our business planning software is used worldwide for business start-up, growth and expansion planning and knows no real competition when it comes to being complete and thorough.
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The practice of feeding predatory carnivores in zoos and wildlife parks live "prey", has been discontinued in most countries for many years. In China, however, it is still widely practiced today.
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A financial diagnostic and plan tool that provides vital financial information and key financial indicators of your business whenever you need them. Fully automated financial projections and state-of-the-art analysis tools.
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PlanMagic Personal Budget Planner is the most advanced personal budget planner in the world. The program consists of an easy to use planning model in MS Excel to plan for 5 years in detail. Unique features include a checklist to see where action ...
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Simplythebest JavaScripts & AJAX Frameworks.
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Experts say fishing methods are to blame, with one subspecies in New Zealand down to fewer than 100 mammals. Hector's dolphins are found only in New Zealand where the population has fallen to 7,000.
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The Honest Food Guide (HFG) is available for downloading free of charge and is designed to benefit you. It offers genuine nutritional information, not watered-down information designed to boost the sale of milk, beef and grains.
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