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The International Crisis Group is an independent, non profit, non governmental organisation covering over 50 crisis affected countries and territories across four continents, working through field based analysis and high level advocacy to prevent...
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The Cypriot deal sets back the cause of the new global rules for bringing order to banking systems when crisis hits. Apart from anything else, in other eurozone countries where banks are weak, it licenses runs on those banks, when a bailout looms.
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The practice of feeding predatory carnivores in zoos and wildlife parks live "prey", has been discontinued in most countries for many years. In China, however, it is still widely practiced today.
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Travel tips exploring Italy, regional information, events, museums, beaches, food and wine, and more.
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NBTC is the organisation responsible for promoting the Netherlands nationally and internationally. The site offers information on cities, activities, accommodation, transport, country details, culture, and more.
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The official site of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Visitor information about Thailand in the form of fast facts. Select from various categories of Thailand facts, including economics, geography, people and more.
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The purpose of the South African Government Information website is to be the official entry point to South African government and related information. From information on government structures and functions, such as the national legislature, ...
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Overview of current cyber attacks. Attacks on the different sensors (Honeypots) will be displayed in realtime on the world map. Additionally the countries are marked in relation of the overall number of attacks.
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All information about Uruguay and its favorite destinations.
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Provides tax rate information of countries around the world.
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