Learning jQuery is a multi-author weblog providing jQuery tips, techniques, tutorials, demos and announcements. We have tutorials for all skill levels and each entry is categorized by level of difficulty.
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See maps of the latest earthquakes in the last 7 days. Maps of USA regional and world regions. Located by USGS and contributing agencies.
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Develop desktop, mobile and web applications with Java, PHP, C/C++ and more. Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. NetBeans IDE is open-source and free.
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Renewable energy continues to be at the forefront of economical and environmental discussions across the globe.
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An English language Asian TV News channel that reports on global developments with Asian perspectives.
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No spyware, no adware, no popups, no nonsense, just simply the best software.
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This article covers just about every htaccess trick in the book, and is easily the site’s most popular offering. In addition to this htaccess article, you may also want to explore the rapidly expanding htaccess tag archive.
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Asia Property Report is a portal for real estate information and listings in Asia.
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Click here to find out!
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XML Journal monitors the world of XML to present IT professionals with updates on technology advances and business trends, as well as new products and standards.
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