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According to a new report from Bit9 - security vendor with a focus on defending against advanced persistent threats (APT) - there is a one in four chance that downloading an Android app from the official Google Play market could put you at risk.
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Mobile news and headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover the mobile topic.
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The video calling service Skype recently made a change to how it routes calls. Calls now are routed by Microsoft- or Skype-owned computers.
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Choose one of your favorite places to test carrier coverage for mobile 2G-3G and Wi-Fi.
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Touch-optimized Web framework for smartphones and tablets. A unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, ...
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iPhone 4S features Siri, dual-core A5 chip, 8MP camera with all-new optics, 1080p HD video recording and more.
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Surf the Web on a mobile phone as easily as on a desktop computer. Whichever phone you have, a smooth user experience awaits. Take advantage of Opera’s compression technology to reduce data costs by up to 90%.
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The Android platform is specifically optimized for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. Refined multitasking, rich notifications, home screen customization, widgets, and more.
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Mobile news and views for the world by The Register.
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