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Secret files show scale of Silicon Valley co-operation on Prism, encryption unlocked even before official launch, Skype worked to enable Prism collection of video calls, Company says it is legally compelled to comply.
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Facebook had subjected nearly 700,000 users in an experiment without their knowledge, manipulating these individuals' news feeds, reducing positive or negative content, and examining the emotions of these individuals' subsequent posts.
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The video calling service Skype recently made a change to how it routes calls. Calls now are routed by Microsoft- or Skype-owned computers.
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Hundreds of apps put snoops to work and then there is "supersonic tone tracking". Of 300 apps Exodus has analysed, Yale says 75 per cent contain trackers.
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What they found was the widespread use of sophisticated, off-the-shelf computer espionage software by governments with questionable records on human rights. While the software is supposedly sold for use only in criminal investigations, the ...
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Stealing files from iOS and macOS devices via web application code that utilizes the Web Share API.
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Google wants its Nest Hub to become a fixture in hotel rooms so that guests can enjoy their stay without having to actually touch any of the amenities they are paying for. Hmm...
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Twitter says it was just an accident that caused the microblogging giant to let advertisers use private information to better target their marketing materials at users.
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