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Unfortunately, the terms under which FB claims to have done this set a terrible precedent for our future - for our control over the software we use to interact with each other, for control over our data and for our privacy.
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Facebook had subjected nearly 700,000 users in an experiment without their knowledge, manipulating these individuals' news feeds, reducing positive or negative content, and examining the emotions of these individuals' subsequent posts.
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Big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple mimic "the gods" in their acquisition of vast wealth and power.
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A clearly panicking Mark Zuckerberg held a press conference Friday explicitly welcoming those who deny the Armenian genocide to Facebook.
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Today, temporarily, some users with access to Facebook's Power Editor tool got a glimpse of a new targeted ad system the social network is prepping to roll out next week.
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WhatsApp users must agree to share their personal information with Facebook if they want to continue using the messaging service from next month, according to new terms and conditions.
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Australia to make Google and Facebook disclose ranking algorithms and pay for local content. It's about time, I'd say. Content snatchers is a good synonym.
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It is the first major antitrust action taken against the new wave of tech giants – Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook – and is likely to be just the start in a series of legal challenges to their market power.
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Facebook said it may stop operating its core app and Instagram in Europe if it's forced to suspend transfers of European Union data back to the US. Promises, promises...
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