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Self defense - Practicing several techniques ฝึกฝนเทคนิคต่างๆขอ Aiki Jutsu Do.
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This video discusses how the microchip is taking over society in all our everyday activities and warns of the coming necessity to have a microchip implant if one wants to function normally in society.
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A short animation film about People's emotional detachment from reality, and how easy it is, especially today, to escape to more comfortable, flat and fake alternate realities.
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The ESA multimedia gallery displays the best visual material of the ESA portal. Images, videos and animations of earth, planets, stars and so forth with over 5000 items. From human space fight, planets, how a star is born.
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The Innovation of Loneliness by Shimi Cohen.
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An environmental art short that brings together powerful storytelling and stirring imagery. It reveals that the most pressing environmental issues are not happening thousands of years from now, but are in fact happening within our lifetime and ...
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Big Log [Official Video] [HD Remaster] .
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Imagine that you are in an extreme situation or that something bad has happened to you. It is not something we wish to anyone, but no one is completely safe from a sudden tragedy.
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Official video of Billy Idol performing White Wedding Part 1 from the album Billy Idol.
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A tribute to California and the beautiful deserts, mountains and coastlines that exist there. This video showcases a variety of national/state parks as well as less recognized natural areas. The video also focuses on clouds, fog and interesting ...
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