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Animals Asia is a Hong Kong based charity, dedicated to ending cruelty and restoring respect for all animals in Asia. Projects include: rescue of 500 farmed bears in China to end bear farming forever, finding solutions to end dog and cat eating...
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Asia Property Report is a portal for real estate information and listings in Asia.
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Asiatic black bears are farmed for their bile in Vietnam, China, South Korea and Laos. They are kept in small cages, and stuck with long hollow needles in Vietnam to pump out and extract their bile. Most head for a slow death in confinement ...
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An English language Asian TV News channel that reports on global developments with Asian perspectives.
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Provides domestic and international news and information on Asia from various perspectives as well as broadcasts on many aspects of Japanese culture and lifestyles, recent developments in society and politics, scientific and industrial trends.
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Regional Malaysian airline for Asian destinations. Click on any of our destinations, and you see all connecting flight routes in a simple visual display, including a quick look at flight frequencies, weather conditions and more.
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