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When Leonid Pliats and his boss were shot in the back by Russian soldiers, the killing was captured on CCTV cameras in clear detail. The footage, which was obtained by the BBC, is being investigated by Ukrainian prosecutors as a suspected war crime.
Videos from social media have emerged showing people in Ukraine standing up to Russian troops. People in different parts of the country have stopped tanks from entering towns and cities, while others have angrily confronted soldiers face to face.
If there is one overriding emotion gripping Ukraine right now, it is hate. It is a deep, seething bitterness for Vladimir Putitin, his military and his government. But Ukrainians are not giving a pass to ordinary Russians, either.
The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine said Russian troops "shot and killed 10 people standing in line for bread" on Wednesday in the decimated northeast Ukrainian city of Chernihiv.
February 2022 may turn out to be an important month in Chinese and world history. It was the month when China’s no limits embrace of Russia was codified in a sweeping statement of mutual support.
Can Russia plunge the world into another World War? The most devastating one ever! Putin's words: "Consequences you have never seen".
Over 600 companies have withdrawn from Russia, but some companies have continued to operate in Russia undeterred They should be ashamed of themselves. The list is maintained by Sonnenfeld who has spent 4 decades pushing CEOs to act to benefit society.
Ukraine conflict: Liz Truss backs people from UK who want to fight. She said Ukrainians were fighting for freedom, "not just for Ukraine but for the whole of Europe".
Amazon stops selling T-shirts featuring Russian pro-war 'Z' symbol after shocked online shoppers accused them of 'profiteering from war'.
Continued coverage of the Ukraine crisis.