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The ESA multimedia gallery displays the best visual material of the ESA portal. Images, videos and animations of earth, planets, stars and so forth with over 5000 items. From human space fight, planets, how a star is born.
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A large, legal, every day growing universe of lyrics where stars of all genres and ages shine.
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Reach for the stars with SoundsPlanet whether you're an artist or a fan.
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Emily Levesque discusses the history of stellar astronomy, present-day observing techniques and exciting new discoveries, and explores some of the most puzzling and bizarre objects being studied by astronomers today.
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There are 258 known planetary systems around main sequence stars including the solar system, containing at least 302 known planets.
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A South Korean court has sentenced K-pop stars Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon to six and five years in prison for gang raping drunk unconscious women. They should have gotten 25 years each.
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