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Our business planning software is used worldwide for business start-up, growth and expansion planning and knows no real competition when it comes to being complete and thorough.
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The world biggest garbage dump is a floating one and has twice the size of the USA.
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See maps of the latest earthquakes in the last 7 days. Maps of USA regional and world regions. Located by USGS and contributing agencies.
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Any device connected to the Internet such as a computer, smart phone or tablet could soon have its Web history logged and retained for up to two years by telecommunications companies for law enforcement purposes.
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All PHP news in one place in this list of PHP Weblogs.
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Provides all interested people, including researchers, government officials, policy makers, teachers, students, and citizens, accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information on program activities, accomplishments and plans.
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Free boat and model airplane plans. You will find many interesting boat plans and model airplane plans.
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A catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet. Agriculture, atmosphere, aerosols, sea ice, environmental impacts, water quality, erosion/sedimentation, visible wavelengths, solar activity, tectonics, sun-earth Interactions, and more.
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Realistic business plan templates for all business types (services, wholesale, retail, construction, hospitality and non profit). From ad agency to restaurant and more.
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This video discusses how the microchip is taking over society in all our everyday activities and warns of the coming necessity to have a microchip implant if one wants to function normally in society.
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