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The jQuery library has a full suite of AJAX capabilities. The functions and methods therein allow us to load data from the server without a browser page refresh.
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Where not to be when a financial collapse happens. And it will, sooner or later!
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Provides a programmer's reference to the Drupal API.
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An investigation into the future of capitalism scrutinising its legitimacy, its weaknesses and suggesting ways in which it could be reformed.
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The XMLHttpRequest specification defines an API that provides scripted client functionality for transferring data between a client and a server.
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This describes the resources that make up the official GitHub API v3.
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Investors flooded startups with a record $63.3 billion in 2015. But a volatile stock market and fears of a tech bubble have led VC firms to make more cautious bets this year.
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The Ruby on Rails API Documentation.
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The Prototype API Documentation.
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Combining the power of the Web with the strengths of mobiles devices. W3C’s mission includes ensuring that the Web be available on as many kind of devices as possible. With the surge of powerful mobile devices in the past few years, the role ...
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