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In this NASA timelapse, satellite images show the rapid deforestation of the amazonian rainforest.
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Vietnamese companies have been ruthlessly taking advantage of Laotian locals and their environment to create vast rubber plantations. The "rubber lords" are also getting support for the land grabs from Germany's Deutsche Bank, which is violatin...
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Both the state and federal governments of Australia support and encourage the clearfelling of ancient forest.
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The Alberta Oil Sands (Saudi Arabia of the North) as it is proudly refered to in the oil industry has proven to be a financial boom to the Canadian economy. It has also proven to be an environmental nightmare!
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All major tropical forests including those in the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia are disappearing, mostly to make way for human food production, including livestock and crops. If you can't breath, you really don't need food!
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The results of a major water diversion project on the arid plains of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. No lake left.
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Australia is at the epicentre of this world's 6th greatest extinction. Australian forests are being slaughtered. All within them is being destroyed. Forests are being crushed, felled and burnt...
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