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Australia is at the epicentre of this world's 6th greatest extinction. Australian forests are being slaughtered. All within them is being destroyed. Forests are being crushed, felled and burnt...
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Although the Penan still fight for their land, large corporations continue to clear forests for logging and oil palm cultivation.
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Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, cloud forests are dying, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace. It has become clear that humans have caused most of the past century´s warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we power our modern lives.
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All major tropical forests including those in the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia are disappearing, mostly to make way for human food production, including livestock and crops. If you can't breath, you really don't need food! Brasil, you're a disgrace to mankind.
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Mushrooms in the forests of Portugal.
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Kelp forests — luxuriant coastal ecosystems that are home to a wide variety of marine biodiversity — are being wiped out from Tasmania to California, replaced by sea urchin barrens that are nearly devoid of life.
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Thousands of hectares have once again been cleared in one of Europe’s last large primeval forests in Romania in recent months. In twenty-five years, at least 80 million m3 of wood have been cut down illegally.
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As you can see there are lots of different mushrooms in the forests of Portugal.
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